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Succession Planning

Scott Smith, June 16th, 2020

In today’s economy, growing talent from within is essential – not a muscle we have flexed for a while.

When developing and deploying talent, we often fall prey to promoting high output performers based on past contributions.

To identify who to develop and promote, it is critical to define and evaluate potential as well as past contributions. Unfortunately, past performance is not the best predictor of future potential. Future potential is best defined by evaluating 6 elements.

Cognitive Horsepower
This is the mental ability to quickly look at and make sense of ambiguous and complex information.

Achievement Orientation
Motivation, beyond the desire for status & money, for advancement and achievement.

Culture Fit
Culture reflects its leaders.

Emotional Intelligence
Awareness of their own and others’ emotions. Ability to adapt and respond to complex & challenging situations with emotional control.

Learning Agility
The ability and desire to apply what was learned from past experiences to new and unfamiliar challenges.

Success in the new role will require different competencies and perspectives. Has experience provided enough perspective? Do their innate characteristics lend themselves to the competencies required for the new role?

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