Our Process - Mosteller & Associates

Mosteller & Associates tailors each search to the specific needs of our clients. This approach has been well received as the best formula for the ultimate success and long term relationships we develop.

Our goal is to find great candidates who will stay with our clients. We are successful in doing this by finding individuals who fit well into your organization’s culture.

We do that through our recruiting process that ensures not just a great talent – but a great fit.

We invite you to view the steps below for recognized elements in a successful search.

Client Requirements & Needs Analysis

We begin every search with a solid understanding of your organization’s unique culture and traits for an individual to be successful. Our consultant(s) will work with you to identify position requirements by meeting with key staff to develop a thorough Position Profile. Clearly defining the objectives and parameters is critical, so that everyone is on the same page from the beginning.

Research & Identification

We find great talent who can really make a difference to your success. Our detailed analysis of your industry, company, competitors and marketplace with allow us to find the best, wherever they may be.

Candidate Interviews & Evaluation

Our interview process is extensive and frequently includes multiple contacts plus a one-on-one meeting with strong candidates. Upon selection of the top candidates, we will provide an extensive candidate profile prior to scheduling an interview with selected management.

Reference Checks

One of the many commitments to the process is the thoroughness of our reference checks. Per your request, we can conduct thorough reference interviews with peers, managers, and direct reports to generate a well-rounded picture of the candidate. After securing the candidate’s permission, Mosteller & Associates contacts each reference with a specific set of questions developed by Mosteller & Associates and any others requested by the client. When the reference checks are completed, Mosteller & Associates provides a written report of the results to the client.


Based on a client’s needs and hiring processes, we coordinate any testing to be conducted on the final candidates selected. We are familiar with a wide variety of employment assessments and will coordinate and assist in integrating test results into a final hiring decision.

Final Selection

Based on the interviews, research, and reference checks, you select a lead candidate to be offered the position. We assist in the final employment offer (including appropriate compensation package), and assist in negotiating final decision /securing acceptance.