Recruiting - Mosteller & Associates


Hiring a new person is not a personality contest, nor is it as simple as focusing on technical qualifications. A new staff member must not only be competent but also personable, flexible, motivated, able to learn and adapt, and be part of a team. As outside consultants, we can be objective in our evaluation of your needs and provide insight on the kind of candidate who will make a good “fit” with your corporate personality.

Wider Choice of Qualified Candidates

Because of our third-party relationship, and by combining thorough research with our specialized recruiting techniques, we are able to identify and approach top-quality, currently employed candidates confidentially. We also have a proprietary network with an extensive list of top notch candidates.

Judgment and Expertise

In the course of handling search assignments, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge about industries, companies and people, and about compensation practices and employee selection criteria. Our consultants bring to the search process judgment and perspective honed by many years of intense learning and human resource expertise.

Time and Cost Savings

Professional search is both a science and an art, and it requires a full-time commitment. Management can concentrate on what it does best while the consultant handles the research, pre-screening, interviewing, negotiating and related detail.