Interim HR
Interim HR


Don’t go without HR when you have the experience and expertise of Mosteller & Associates ready to fill the gap.

Eliminate strain caused by absent HR

When an HR director or executive leaves your organization—temporarily or permanently—you’ll want to fill that gap as soon as possible. But hiring a new HR director to lead your team takes time. That time quickly turns into strain on your business and its most important asset—your talent.

Thankfully, that strain is avoidable. Because we’re so adept at seamless cultural and operational integration, engaging our interim HR professional will seem as though we’ve always been an integral part of your organization. If you called us today, we’d be on your team quickly, ready to hit the ground running.

Seamless Integration

While we pride ourselves on our unrivaled HR expertise, it’s not the only reason our clients turn to us. They turn to us for our ability to seamlessly integrate with their existing workforce and remaining HR team.

We’ll take the time to thoroughly understand your organization. We gather required background knowledge, including everything from your recruitment needs to your HRIS and payroll provider. These HR audits help us identify every challenge and corresponding opportunity. They allow us to problem solve, develop strategy and fuel your business’ continued growth with your existing human capital.

It will seem as though we’ve always been an integral part of your organization. And for many clients, that’s exactly what we end up becoming—long-term partners working together toward common goals.

Backed by Our Team’s Full Resources

You won’t only be backed by a seasoned HR pro who’s up to speed with your organization’s challenges. You’ll be backed by the full resources and knowledge of the entire Mosteller & Associates team.

Whether in the midst of open enrollments, a recruiting ramp up, an HRIS transition or any other labor-intensive HR project, you can be certain our team’s experience and expertise will see you through to a successful outcome.

Herbein + Company, Inc. and Mosteller & Associates have joined forces.

This exciting combination brings together Herbein’s deep expertise in assurance, tax, and consulting services and Mosteller & Associates’ widely respected human resources consulting specialization.


Operating as Herbein | Mosteller HR Solutions, the Mosteller team will bring its innovative HR solutions and high-energy, hands-on client
experience, to Herbein

Herbein + Mosteller & Associates: Imagine what’s next.