Mosteller & Associates is a full spectrum human resource professional services firm which provides complete or partial HR outsourcing services. The firm’s experience and expertise provides clients with an exceptional and cohesive HR function in a cost effective manner.

Organizations may not have the resources to employ full-time, experienced HR professionals and staff to handle its staffing, policies, benefits, training and compensation needs. Human Resources may be handled by another non-HR professional or by an individual who may be challenged to stay current with ever changing HR regulations and best practices. Employees are an organization’s most crucial asset. The management of that asset and employee programs is critical to the organization’s success.

HR outsourcing can be tailored to best fit the organization’s mission, culture and business needs. Stable organizations with experienced managers may only need periodic or limited time commitments to maintain the HR function and its activities. Organizations with significant growth or change may require more frequent on-site time to handle all HR activities. Recruiting, employee relations issues, benefit plan enrollment and regulatory changes are all examples of functions which may require significant time to manage.

Mosteller & Associates manages and administers the HR function on an outsourced basis for a wide variety of organizations in many industries. The Associates in the firm know what needs to be accomplished in HR and quickly learn the organization’s culture and environment. HR projects are prioritized and are integrated into ongoing requirements.

Key Advantages of HR Outsourcing

Human Resources is a critical function for all organizations and needs to be handled efficiently and effectively. Mosteller & Associates has a long history of providing HR services on an outsourced basis with excellent results for the firm’s clients. The key advantages are:

  • HR is handled cost effectively.
  • Experienced HR professionals servicing your needs.
  • Assigned consultants who become integral team players and influence and impact the workforce in a positive manner.
  • Extensive resources of Mosteller & Associates available as needed.
  • The improvement in employee attitude, work environment and productivity at those organizations which have outsourced HR to Mosteller & Associates.

Outsourcing of HR allows the organization to focus on its core business and competencies. It provides more time for employees and managers to focus on their operational business strategies, objectives and plans to be successful.

Commonly Outsourced Human Resource Services

All organizations are different in their HR needs. The following services have been frequently requested by our client organizations:

  • Recruit new employees, interview, select, reference and background check
  • Conduct HR audit of policies, practices and operations
  • Create and maintain employee handbook and policy manual
  • Consult with managers on employee relations issues
  • Coach employee performance improvement and corrective action
  • Facilitate promotions, demotions, or position changes
  • Provide organizational assessment and develop training programs
  • Manage termination process and severance arrangements
  • Administer all benefit programs, reporting and filings
  • Analyze benefit plan design and benefits administration
  • Create total compensation communications
  • Administer all pay programs for effectiveness and equity
  • Provide administrative oversight of payroll process
  • Identify and maintain effective HR information systems
  • Analyze & administer workers compensation programs
  • Administer employee health and safety programs
  • Develop human resource department budget
  • Provide interim HR management services

Recommended HR Outsourcing Strategies

Organizations with less than 50 employees:

  • One day per week on-site to perform initial HR audit and establish HR policies, practices, and procedures.
  • Transition to less frequent periodic schedule after function is up-to-date.
  • Provide daily response to issues at all times – includes phone, e-mail, or on-site as necessary.

Organizations with 50 to 150 employees:

  • Conduct initial on-site audit on a two-day per week schedule.
  • Maintain schedule depending on HR activity level or reduce as necessary.
  • Provide daily response to issues at all times – includes phone, e-mail, or on-site as necessary.

Organizations with over 150 employees:

  • Organizations at this size typically require full-time or close to full-time on-site human resource presence.
  • Mosteller & Associates has capacity to supplement on-site staffing as necessary; i.e., hiring for new function/growth, benefit analysis and change, significant organizational change via restructuring or acquisition, training programs.

Mosteller & Associates will custom design an outsourcing arrangement to economically fit your business needs.