We’ve assembled a team of HR professionals with diverse experience and broad, deep industry expertise. Click on each team member’s photo to read their full bio.

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Chester Q. Mosteller
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Alicia Bressler
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Cheryl A. Greth
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Christine Brown
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Deanna Giffin
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Denise Lee
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Drew An Brubaker
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Jeremy Flick
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Jill Sternat
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Karen H. DiGioia
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Laurel Cline
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Lori L. Gliva
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Marcia Thompson-Crook
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Marilyn Abramowicz
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Mary Jo Wright
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Ramona Wolf
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Michael Holcombe
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Ronald T. Bolam
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Scott Smith
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Sherry Duffy
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Stacy Yerger
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Suzi Knowles
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Taran Bertolet
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ZoeAnn Yousaitis

Herbein + Company, Inc. and Mosteller & Associates have joined forces.

This exciting combination brings together Herbein’s deep expertise in assurance, tax, and consulting services and Mosteller & Associates’ widely respected human resources consulting specialization.


Operating as Herbein | Mosteller HR Solutions, the Mosteller team will bring its innovative HR solutions and high-energy, hands-on client
experience, to Herbein

Herbein + Mosteller & Associates: Imagine what’s next.