Mosteller & Associates is committed to improving organizational performance through sound and effective human resource programs and practices.

Managers in organizations recognize that to succeed in today's marketplace they must have talented people performing at their highest potential. Reaching that pinnacle requires a working environment which recognizes, develops and rewards people to do their best. The correct type and mix of human resource programs and practices greatly facilitate the organization's success.

Mosteller & Associates provides a full range of human resource services with emphasis on compensation, benefits, training and staffing. We deliver these services as an administrative complement to small organizations, as a project provider to medium organizations and as a strategic services provider to medium and large organizations. In all situations we develop a partnership with the organization, insuring a sound contribution to the organization's plans and goals.

In order to most effectively deliver these services, we frequently conduct an initial review of an organization's human resource programs and practices, focusing on:

  • General Human Resource Policies and Practices
  • Management and Employee's Perspective on HR Issues within the Company
  • Competitiveness of Pay and Benefit Programs
  • Regulatory and Compliance issues

The results of this review are presented and discussed with the appropriate individual(s). This allows the organization to work with us to prioritize the opportunities for improvement and helps the organization to know where our services may provide the most value